What are Governors?

"Welcome to the Ashleworth Church of England Primary School website from the Governing Body. 

The Governing Body works hard to support the Headteacher, teaching staff and pupils with the aim of ensuring that Ashleworth Church of England Primary School is able to provide the best possible education for our children and to prepare them for life in modern Britain. 

The members that make up the Governing Body are chosen by the local authority, the community and parents.  All our Governors have their own careers and responsibilities but they dedicate time to the school when they are able.  Some are able to be in school on a regular basis, whilst others bring financial and legal expertise, strategic planning and more practical skills.  All are hugely valued!

As well as sharing a common desire to be involved in supporting the school, the Governing Body have statutory duties by which they are legally bound.  The Governing Body is ultimately responsible for all matters relating to the school including teaching and learning, safeguarding, health and safety, staffing, premises and ensuring financial accountability and sustainability.  The full Governing Body meets once every half term, while sub committee meetings consider the more specific areas of staffing, curriculum and finance. 

We are very proud of our developing relationship with Churcham Primary School, through our Executive Headteacher and regular Partnership meetings and look forward to expanding this further. 

If you have any concerns or issues that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact the Chair of Governors, Shaun Pitt, or indeed any of the governors listed below:"

How do Governors help children?

School governors are people who wish to make a positive contribution to children’s education. Together with the head teacher they set the future direction of the school and decide how the school’s budget should be spent. Governing bodies make decisions collectively on matters such as school policies and the school’s development plan and act as a "critical friend" to the school.

Categories of Governors:

Parent Governor - Elected by parents and carers of children at the school

Staff Governor - Chosen by election from the teaching and support staff at the school

Co-opted Governor - Appointed by the Governing Body 

Authority Governor - Appointed by the Local Authority

Foundation Governor - Appointed by the Diocese of Gloucester

As a new governor it is important that you have all the information you need to do the role properly. We have a New Governors Pack that helps with this.

Simon Tyrrell - Co-opted Governor

I am proud to be a Governor at Ashleworth Church of England Primary School. I lived in Ashleworth for 11 years and all my children attended the school, although we have recently moved to Worcester. I have been a Governor at the school for over 10 years. I work for Barclays Bank in the South West and am a member of the Finance & Resources Committee looking after the budget and the staffing for school. I believe that our children have the right to the best education and that they should enjoy learning and grow up to live and work in the community and inspire others.

Michelle Kelly

I have been a governor of Ashleworth C of E Primary School since becoming Headteacher in September 2013. The school works in partnership with Churcham Primary where I am also Headteacher and a governor. Before joining the team at Ashleworth, I taught in Cheltenham and then worked for Gloucestershire as an English Consultant. During this time, I worked in many schools around the county. I’ve lived in Pershore near Worcestershire for over 20 years with my partner and our pets. In my spare time, I enjoy going to the theatre and spending time ‘catching – up’ with family and friends.

Rachel Hope - Co-opted Governor

I have been a governor since 2014. I chair the Teaching and Learning Committee. I have one child Ellen (KS2) at the school. I became involved in governance to promote a sustainable future for the school. I am a professional gardener by trade and my hobbies include gardening, reading, walking and nature rambles. 

Thomas Boore. O.B.E.  B.A. (Open).

My wife, Sylvia and myself have lived in Ashleworth for almost fifty years and I am privileged to join a team of governors at our local school. I am hopeful that my business, sport and church links will enable me to make some small contribution to the wellbeing and future of the school, it's staff and pupils.

James Joyce

I am the newest Parent Governor at Ashleworth CE Primary School, married to Tricia, with two daughters and a grandson, Leo, currently in year KS2. We moved here from Norfolk last year. I have previously been a governor at 3 different Primary schools, one High School and an Academy. My background is in the Advertising industry, working for multi-nationals. I have also been the Deputy Leader of a County Council and a Cabinet member for Children’s Services. I currently serve on an adoption panel and have done so for the past 12 years. I enjoy cricket, our dog, cats and horses and tinkering with old cars. Currently, apart from Leo, all my time is spent enjoyably building our new house. I have chosen to be a governor at Leo’s school because I hope my experience will be an asset to the school in these challenging times for the education system.

Christopher Anthony

I have been Parent Governor since May 2018 with 2 children at the school and have been a resident of Ashleworth since 2010. I have over 30 years experience in the Manufacturing industry in various management positions. My strengths are in planning and organisation, and in training and development. In my spare time, I have been heavily active in music, photography and I do a little bit of cycling.

Bridgette Nulty

After 2 years working part-time at Ashleworth CE Primary School, I was recently elected to join the governing body as Staff Governor. I have been a Science teacher for more than 25 years, employed at locations around the UK, and on military garrisons overseas. I have been privileged to teach across a wide range of ages and abilities, delivering the full spectrum of National Curriculum subjects. I hope to support both pupils, and my colleagues, by using this wealth of experience to good effect as the governors strive to ensure that our school is the best it can be. My hobbies include volunteering with St John Ambulance as a First Aider, photography, and I also enjoy supporting events in our village.

If you are interested or would like to find out more about becoming a Governor, please contact the school for more information.

Ashleworth CE Primary School Governing Body 2018-2019



Type of Governor



Term of office

FGB and Committee Meeting Attendance in 2018/19

Relevant Business/ Pecuniary Interests


(updated Nov 2018)

Mrs. Michelle Kelly

Head Teacher

Head Teacher


04/09/2013 - ongoing

FGB: 4/4

C: 6/6

/Executive Head Teacher of Churcham Primary School

Mr. Simon Tyrrell

Co-opted - appointed by governing body


Resources Committee

01/06/2018 –


FGB: 2/4

C: 0/3


Mr. James Joyce

Parent Governor – elected by parents

Vice Chair of Governors

Resources Committee (Chair)

26/05/2017 – 25/05/2021

FGB: 3/4

C: 5/6


Mr. Thomas


Foundation Governor – appointed by Diocese


Resources Committee

01/02/2017 – 31/01/2021

FGB: 4/4

C: 2/3


Mr. Shaun Pitt

Parent Governor – elected by parents

Chair of Governors

Resources Committee,

12/11/2018 – 11/11/2022

FGB: 4/4

C: 3/3


Mrs. Rachel Hope

Co-opted Governor – appointed by Governing Body


Teaching & Learning Committee (Chair)

07/09/2017 – 06/09/2019

FGB: 4/4

C: 3/3


Mr. Christopher Anthony

Parent Governor – elected by parents


Teaching & Learning Committee

29/03/2018 – 28/03/2022

FGB: 4/4

C: 3/3


Mrs. Bridgette Nulty

Staff Governor – elected by staff


Teaching & Learning Committee

18/05/2018 – 17/05/2022

FGB: 4/4

C: 1/2

Supply teacher at Ashleworth C of E Primary School and Churcham Primary School

Revd. Stephen Godsell

Foundation Governor – appointed by Diocese


Teaching & Learning Committee

01/09/2018 –


FGB: 4/4

C: 1/2



Co-opted Governor



Local Authority Governor



Co-opted Governor


Governors who left in the previous 12 months:


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