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Romans 12:6

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There are twelve Christian values that are explored and implemented in our school. Children discussed and voted for three core values that represent our school. The school voted for the following values friendship, trust and respect.

These are some quotes from the children about friendship in the school, “when I came to this school people showed friendship”- Felix. At school, “having really close friends. Francesco had a space hopper that Minnie wanted so he gave it to Minnie”- Elodie. “When someone is kind to someone. When Grace helps me out at school”- Navea.

These are some quotes from the children about trust in the school, it means “believing someone to do the right thing”- Dwaine. It means “relying on someone to do the right thing, like when I’m doing a trust fall with Mia and she doesn’t drop me”- Arwen. It means “to do the right things, when Poppy-lou told me a secret I never told anyone”- Poppy.

These are some quotes from the children about respect in the school, it means “treating everyone fairly”- Francesco. “If someone was talking I would show eye contact”- William. “Don’t talk when someone is talking, Francesco doesn’t talk over other people”- Mia.

The focus for this half-term is generosity. The Bible stories we will focus on is ‘The Big Party’, ‘Solomon’s fame’, ‘Neremiah, as well as focussing on creationtide.

These are the 12 key values we learn about:

Roots and Fruits

Each term we focus on a new value. We learn about and get involoved with that value in worship, during 'Open the Book' assemblies during class lessons and the children are all given an opportinity to assist with assemblies and even run their own worship assemblies.

Reflection time and discussions allow us to think about what we can do to ensure that value is 'lived out' throughout the school and by all members of our school family.