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'respected and nurtured for uniqueness'

Romans 12:6

We aim for all our children to be enthused and curious about History. Our curriculum is informed by the National Curriculum and guides the children to think critically and develop their knowledge, skills and vocabulary in different Historical areas.

In Key Stage 2 we follow a 4 year rolling programme and in Key Stage 1 we follow a 2 year rolling programme; this reflects our mixed aged classes. We have a different topic for each term and during each topic the children develop their key knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • To investigate and interpret the past
  • To build an overview of world History
  • To understand chronology
  • To communicate historically.

We ensure History lessons are varied, fun and engaging for all children. Each lesson starts with a key question for the children to explore, for example ‘How have toys changed over time?’ or ‘What are the different stages of mummification?’ The children are provided with a range of activities to help answer the key questions using the 5 steps to success – experience it, play with it, use it, develop it and connect it.

Hist 1

At the beginning of each new history topic, the children complete a KWL grid where we discuss what they already know and what they would like to learn. At the end of each topic the children reflect on their learning and complete the KWL grid.

Hist 2

The children also use their Maths and English skills in History lessons where they complete activities such as writing a diary entry as a Victorian prisoner, writing a non-chronological report about the Egyptian pyramids or drawing a bar chart to show our favourite modern day toys.

Hist 3


Key Stage 2 History and Geography topics

Autumn A

Spring A

Summer A

Autumn B

Spring B

Summer B

Who were the Ancient Egyptian?

Our Wonderful world

How Vile were the Victorians?

From Stone to Steel

Rivers and Coasts

The Americas

Autumn C

Spring C

Summer C

Autumn D

Spring D

Summer D

Vicious Vikings

Where on Earth are we?

Living it up in Ancient Greece

We’ll meet again

What did the Romans leave us?

Crime and Punishment


Key Stage 1 History and Geography topics

Autumn A

Spring A

Summer A

Autumn B

Spring B

Summer B

What shall we play today?

What could I be famous for?

What did old McDonald have on his farm?

Why did London burn?

What’s down at the bottom of the garden?

Do you like to be beside the seaside?