Class Two consists of our Year 3 to Year 6 pupils. They follow the national curriculum of Key Stage 2.

The environment in Class 2 is bright and stimulating and reflects the learning that is taking place. There is a real buzz and the children work well together. The day begins with a variety of reading activities followed by English and maths lessons. Science teaching includes a mixture of knowledge and enquiry based activities. Foundations subjects are largely taught through the termly theme. Children are actively involved in planning and delivering the daily act of worship. 

Please download the documents below for more class 2 information.

pdfKS2 Mighty Mountains Sep - Dec 2015192.61 KB

pdfLiteracy LTP KS257.63 KB

pdfRolling Programme KS252.77 KB

pdfClass 2 Maths Targets372.59 KB


Class 2 School Prayer:

Dear God

Help me to trust the people I know and help them trust me,

Give me the courage to do my work and perform in front of others,

Remind me to show compassion by helping people and caring for the environment,

Teach me forgiveness so that i can say sorry even when it is difficult,

Grant be koinoniato to enable me to share and contribute in my community,

And thank you for giving me friendship so that I am not lonley.

Our Lord, Amen

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