See below the topic overview that Class 1 will be covering for the Autumn 2017 term :

As Readers and Writers: We will begin by writing recounts of their summer holidays.  We will then go onto writing labels and lists linked to the weather. After that we will be following and writing instructions to make play dough and weather instruments.

Top Tip:  Encourage your child to find different labels on items whilst shopping and around the house. Ask them to describe what information is on the label.

As Mathematicians:  We begin to develop a deeper understanding of the number system by placing numbers in order and counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.  We then move on to addition and subtraction. Then we focus on measuring rainfall and temperature. Just before the half term we will focus on 2D shapes. Throughout maths we will continue to work on problem solving and reasoning

Top Tip:  Encourage your child to add and subtract using objects at home, for example adding how many pieces of fruit in the bowl. Encourage your child to prove their answer by explaining or showing you their method of working out.

As GeographersOur topic for this term is ‘Why Does the Weather Change?’ In geography we will be focusing on the different weather patterns in each of the seasons and will be showcasing our understanding by putting on weather reports.

As Artists: We will be focusing on the work of Kandinsky and recreating Kandinsky’s Trees by mixing colours.

As Musicians:  we will practice singing weather songs in rounds and using instruments to imitate different weather sounds.

Top Tip: 

Do you have any relatives or friends abroad whom your children could write to in order to discuss different weather patterns around the world?

As Scientists:  We begin by asking questions, observing and predicting the weather. We move on to thinking about shadows and creating our own shadows using torches, globes and puppets to understand how shadows occur. Before half term we will set experiments and make instruments to measure the wind direction and the temperature. 

Top Tip:

Encourage your child to comment and predict the weather on their way to school. Ask your child about the different changes that occur through the seasons, for example ‘how do you know its autumn?’

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