Introduction to Class 1: 

Year groups
Class 1 consists of Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. This means that we follow two different curriculums, the national curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage. In our class we make links whenever possible to allow all children to have a range of learning experiences.
Teachers in Class One
The full time class one Teacher is Miss Warner and Mrs Huggins is the full time Teaching Assistant.


English and Maths
To allow children to consolidate and practice their learning at home, English and Maths homework is sent out on alternative weeks every Friday. The children then have until the following Wednesday to complete it.
When children’s spelling and reading is at a certain level they will be given weekly spelling lists. These are given out every Thursday and the children have one week to practice them. We ask that children practice using these words in sentences so they understand how to apply them in their writing.
Receptions Homework
Receptions have new sounds sent home after learning them in phonics. We ask that children practicing recognising the sounds and the letter formation of these sounds.
Children’s home reading books will be changed weekly. We ask that children read for a short period of time every evening as this will allow them to become more confident. Asking your child questions about what they have read will encourage your child to think deeply about what it is they have read.
Please see document below designed to give you help and advice on teaching your children to read:
pdfTeaching Reading for Parents

pdfKS1 parents information



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